Should I Get Married Over a Holiday Weekend?

Hi Violet,

My fiancĂ© and I are trying to decide on a date for our wedding. I think we should get married over a holiday weekend so that our guests don’t have to worry about using their vacation time. What do you think?

Hi Bride,

I have always been against planning weddings over holiday weekends. I know that many disagree with me, but please hear me out before disregarding my opinion.

Many people have traditions that happen over holidays. For example, some people always host a Labor Day barbecue, or always travel to Grandpa’s for Memorial Day. I think it is a nice idea to have your wedding over a holiday weekend, but that it actually is usually worse for your guests in the following ways:

1) Flights are more expensive over any holiday weekend.

2) The roads are more crowded because many people are traveling.

3) Hotels are more expensive.

4) People will have to choose between traditions that have happened for many many years and your wedding.

Last, it seems rather presumptuous to assume that people would rather come to your wedding when they have free time off of work. In fact, people would probably prefer to use their non-vacation time as they please, rather than being dictated by a wedding invitation. I know that your intentions are good, so please don’t be offended, but if you haven’t put down a deposit, I think you should reconsider your dates!



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