Wedding Cancelled, Who pays my Expenses?


HELP!! The wedding is cancelled!  I am a guest!  How do I get my airfare back? Should the couple reimburse me?????

Hi Frustrated Wedding Guest,

Wow!  What a sad situation.  Unfortunately, the couple has no obligation to reimburse you for the airfare.  Even though you are upset that you wasted money, at least you can be happy that the couple realized they weren’t right for each other before they walked down the aisle.  They also saved you, and the rest of the wedding guests from buying a gift!  You have to look on the positive side of things.  J

972958As for the airfare, you should call the airline.  Usually, they will let you use the ticket to go somewhere else if you pay a fee.  You should let them know of the situation and see if they’ll give you a voucher to use another time.

If they won’t refund the money or let you use it to go somewhere else, you should still use the ticket and go visit either the ex-bride, or ex-groom, whoever you were close too.  I’m sure it will be a hard weekend for them, and that they would appreciate a visit.  Heck, you could even throw a party together and invite the other guests who ended up flying out anyway.  I’m sure the ex-bride or groom would really appreciate the gesture.

crying_brideI’m sorry that you’re out so much money; I know it’s a huge bummer. But at least you’re not the one that got dumped before the BIG DAY.  And the most important thing to remember is that this couple did the right thing by not getting married.  Deciding that they were not compatible had to have been a tough thing to do, so they should be applauded, not asked for money. Just remember–be classy. Have compassion for this time in your friend’s life and help him/her start a new journey in his/her life. I promise that your friend will remember your kindness forever, and a wonderful friendship is much more important than a reimbursement check.



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